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The Program

Running Time:  Approximately 90 minutes -- No Intermission
The cast occasionally walks through the aisles so please keep aisles clear.  Disco lights and some confetti involved.  Enjoy the show!

in order of appearance

Ensemble_______________________ Elise Ramaekers
Ensemble_____________________________ Joe Diez
Todd Robinson _____________  Nicholas Schommer
John Bruno ­­­­______________________ Lawrence Karl
Adrienne Kowalski ________________ Megan Styrna
Kate Conner___________________ Hannah Coffman
Fab__________________________________Scott Kall
Joe Castinado (John), Joe Diez (Todd), Hannah Ford (Kate), Bobby Geunther (Ensemble), Angela Strauman (Adrienne), Mitchell Todd (Fab)


Creative & Crew

Writer/ Director _________________ Antonia Kasper
Production Stage Manager__________ Caro Klureza
Music Director______________ Nicholas Schommer
Fight/Intimacy Coordinator__________Brent Shultz
Sound Designer ____________________  Parker Rose
Lighting Designer/Operator__________J-P  Perreaux
Casting Director___________________Helene Galek
Script Consultant__________________ Caro Klureza
Costume Consultant_________ Michael Piatkowski
Costume Assistant_______________Ute Shwemmer

About True Confessions of the Straight Man

Antonia Kasper originally wrote the script as a screenplay in 1997 and many elements are based in Kasper’s real-life experience of nightlife in New York City in the 90s. She revisited the script in 2019 and showcased it at The Players Theatre.

In 2022, Kasper revised and revamped the script to include songs for a cabaret setting. The script continued to be tweaked through the rehearsal process with input from the actors and crew. True Confessions of The Straight Man is a fun production celebrating Gay Pride combined with 90s nostalgia.

Special thanks to:

The Laurie Beechman Theatre (The Westbank Cafe), The incredible cast, creatives and crew on this project.  Jeff and Shea Hinman, Jeannie Dalton, Phyllis Gordon, Giuseppe Bausilio

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